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If you landed on this page, then you have likely

Please read the information on this page to create a new page containing your own project.

Creation Pipeline

The wiki is moderated by the partners who regulate the projects that part of the Public Play Spaces project. To regulate the content that is added to this community space, we ask all contributors to follow a strict pipeline for adding new content to the page. We therefore ask you to adhere to the following steps, to be sure that we can maintain a smooth process.

1 Existing Project

The public play spaces community space is meant for cataloguing existing projects. Please only add existing projects, and not projects that are yet to be created.

2 Gather information

Gather all necessary information about the project, so you can add the project in one go, rather than performing multiple edits to add all desired content. This also helps our moderation staff determine which pages to accept. You can always look at one of the other projects for inspiration.

3 Create account

Only registrated users are able to create or edit pages. Click here to create a new user account.

4 Create new page

Create a new page using the field at the bottom of the page, simply fill in the name of your project, and a new page will be generated containing our template.

5 Add content and save

The newly created page will contain our template information, feel free to replace this with information about your project. The template contains some information about the options you have in adding your own content.

Remember to press Save when you are ready to save the page you have created.

6 Wait for moderation

After saving your page, a message will be send to the moderators of the PPS Community Wiki. These will inform the moderators that there are new changes that must be accepted or rejected.

7 Your project is there

After the moderators have accepted your edits, then the page will be publicly available on the PPS Community Wiki.

Info To Gather

To improve your editing experience, we recommend gathering the following sets of information, this will smoothen the page creation significantly, and allow you to create your project pages more easily.

* Project Name

* Authors

* Location and Date

* Website URL (if available)

* Text explaining the project

* Images / Photos (Must be smaller than 2 mb each)

* Corresponding Categories and Subcategories

Changing information after creating the page

There are no limits to the amount of edits you can make to your page after it has been created. If you need to find more images, or expand on your text, the you can always do so at a later point in time. You need to be logged in using your account to edit the pages on the wiki

Every time you save the page, a new moderation request will be added to the moderation team. Until the moderators have accepted these changes, only YOU will be able to see the changes made on the page. Other users, and non-registered visitors, will not see these changes.

Create New Project Page

When you have followed all steps, fill in the name of our project below, and create a new project on the site containing all information for your project.