Kreyon city

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Bernardo Monechi + Enrico Ubaldi +Vittorio Loreto (Sony CSL)

Paris, France, 2018
Purpose Activation.pngActivation
Purpose Interconnection.pngInterconnection
Purpose Collaberating.pngCollaborating
Purpose Raise awareness.pngRaise Awareness
Purpose Educate.pngEducate
Purpose Visualise needs.pngVisualize Needs
Purpose Simulate impact of decisions.pngSimulate Impact of Decisions
Purpose Decision making.pngDecision Making
Purpose Designing.pngDesigning
Co-Creation Co-analysis.pngCo-Analysis
Co-Creation Co-design.pngCo-Design
Co-Creation Co-implementation.pngCo-Implementation
Co-Creation Co-maintenance.pngCo-Maintenance
Co-Creation Co-monitoring.pngCo-Monitoring
Empty.png Empty.png Empty.png
Outcome Decision making.pngDecision Making
Outcome Knowledge.pngKnowledge
Outcome Assesment.pngAssessment
Outcome Design.pngDesign
Outcome Inclusion.pngInclusion
Outcome Awareness.pngAwareness
Outcome Partnership.pngPartnership
Empty.png Empty.png
Mechanics Alternitive reality.pngAlternative Reality
Mechanics Role play.pngRole Play
Mechanics Rule based play.pngRule Based Play
Mechanics Location based.pngLocation Based
Mechanics Simulations.pngSimulations
Mechanics Mapping.pngMapping
Mechanics Geolocation.pngGeolocation
Mechanics Hypothesis.pngHypothesis
Mechanics Metagame.pngMetagame
Technology & Tools Analoge Tangibles.pngAnaloge Tangibles
Technology & Tools AR VR.pngAR / VR
Technology & Tools Audio Visual.pngAudio Visual
Technology & Tools Data AI.pngData AI
Technology & Tools Data Collection Visualization.pngData Collection/Visualization
Technology & Tools Digital Interface.pngDigital Interface
Technology & Tools Mobile.pngMobile
Empty.png Empty.png
Aesthetics Sensation.pngSensation
Aesthetics Imagination.pngImagination
Aesthetics Assemblage.pngAssemblage
Aesthetics Pysical activity construction.pngPhysical Activity / Construction
Aesthetics Realism.pngRealism
Empty.png Empty.png Empty.png
Scale Metropolitan.png Metropolitan
Scale City.png City
Scale District.png District
Scale Neighbourhood.png Neighbourhood
Scale Street.png Street
Scale Undefined.png Undefined
Empty.png Empty.png Empty.png
Audience Community.png Community
Audience Planning expert.png Planning Expert
Audience Stakeholders.png Audience Stakeholders
Audience Policy Makers.png Policy Makers
Empty.png Empty.png
Empty.png Empty.png Empty.png
Scope Individual.png Individual
Scope Small group.png Small Group
Scope Larger group.png Small Group
Scope Crowd.png Crowd
Scope Pre-defined.png Pre-Defined
Empty.png Empty.png Empty.png

Kreyon City aims at engaging the general public into a simplified simulation of decision making. The purpose of Kreyon City is twofold: from one side increase the awareness of participants on the complexity of urban systems, and from the other gathering data on their learning process about this complexity. Individuals are, in fact playing with a Machine Learning generative model trained on real data. However, the physical bricks they have to use to develop the city mediates this interaction. Depth sensors and RGB cameras record how the city is built and uses this as the input of the generative model. In this way, a specific configuration will correspond to a specific output in terms of urban indicators, that are displayed on a feedback monitor. Such monitor also displays missions and challenges related to the city that players have to solve by modifying the city itself.

Kreyon City has been developed both in single-player and collective versions. The single-player version allows single individuals to build their small city. In contrast, in the collective versions, many individuals have to coordinate to build the same large city, solving the problems together.

Kreyon City is a tool for studying how individuals interact with complex problems. The software managing the depth sensors and the feedback display allows gathering data about individual decisions, wherever the installation is.

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