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office of civic cooperative society + civicwise

San Cristóbal de La Laguna, spain, 2019

Purpose Activation.pngActivation
Purpose Interconnection.pngInterconnection
Purpose Collaberating.pngCollaborating
Purpose Raise awareness.pngRaise Awareness
Purpose Educate.pngEducate
Purpose Visualise needs.pngVisualize Needs
Purpose Simulate impact of decisions.pngSimulate Impact of Decisions
Purpose Decision making.pngDecision Making
Purpose Designing.pngDesigning
Co-Creation Co-analysis.pngCo-Analysis
Co-Creation Co-design.pngCo-Design
Co-Creation Co-implementation.pngCo-Implementation
Co-Creation Co-maintenance.pngCo-Maintenance
Co-Creation Co-monitoring.pngCo-Monitoring
Empty.png Empty.png Empty.png
Outcome Decision making.pngDecision Making
Outcome Knowledge.pngKnowledge
Outcome Assesment.pngAssessment
Outcome Design.pngDesign
Outcome Inclusion.pngInclusion
Outcome Awareness.pngAwareness
Outcome Partnership.pngPartnership
Empty.png Empty.png
Mechanics Alternitive reality.pngAlternative Reality
Mechanics Role play.pngRole Play
Mechanics Rule based play.pngRule Based Play
Mechanics Location based.pngLocation Based
Mechanics Simulations.pngSimulations
Mechanics Mapping.pngMapping
Mechanics Geolocation.pngGeolocation
Mechanics Hypothesis.pngHypothesis
Mechanics Metagame.pngMetagame
Technology & Tools Analoge Tangibles.pngAnaloge Tangibles
Technology & Tools AR VR.pngAR / VR
Technology & Tools Audio Visual.pngAudio Visual
Technology & Tools Data AI.pngData AI
Technology & Tools Data Collection Visualization.pngData Collection/Visualization
Technology & Tools Digital Interface.pngDigital Interface
Technology & Tools Mobile.pngMobile
Empty.png Empty.png
Aesthetics Sensation.pngSensation
Aesthetics Imagination.pngImagination
Aesthetics Assemblage.pngAssemblage
Aesthetics Pysical activity construction.pngPhysical Activity / Construction
Aesthetics Realism.pngRealism
Empty.png Empty.png Empty.png
Scale Metropolitan.png Metropolitan
Scale City.png City
Scale District.png District
Scale Neighbourhood.png Neighbourhood
Scale Street.png Street
Scale Undefined.png Undefined
Empty.png Empty.png Empty.png
Audience Community.png Community
Audience Planning expert.png Planning Expert
Audience Stakeholders.png Audience Stakeholders
Audience Policy Makers.png Policy Makers
Empty.png Empty.png
Empty.png Empty.png Empty.png
Scope Individual.png Individual
Scope Small group.png Metropolitan
Scope Larger group.png Small Group
Scope Crowd.png Crowd
Scope Pre-defined.png Pre-Defined
Empty.png Empty.png Empty.png

The IAM Panel is an installation designed following the methodologies developed by Playmaking.

PLAYMAKING is the development of games and strategies for the collective construction of the city through the use of the game techniques, dynamics and mechanics.

It is composed of 4 dimensions: playful, technological, social and territorial, and is considered as the catalyst for processes that drive and improve our cities.

Share the values and methodologies of Placemaking (in terms of urban planning) and Serious Games (in terms of game design), such as: involving people in decision-making (reflection), in design and construction (action) and in the management of spaces (responsibility).



The IAM Panel (Instant Analogical Mapping) is an artistic installation and an open and participatory tool designed for the collection of playful and interactive data in processes of collective creation, generation of communities or events.

* We are currently developing an investigation into the potential of Playmaking for the collective construction of the city.


This tool is divided into information collection blocks adaptable to each context, process and project. It consists of:

Initial training pill (in this case in terms of ecology and gender) Identification of representative roles of the attendees (they are citizens, public administration, from which part of the island they come from, what are their interests ...)

Presentation of the context / project / process (in this case in terms of ecology and gender)

Questions on the subject. Answer questions posed with the specific approach of ecology and gender. Contact information. Obtaining contacts and connection between participants

Transparency, synthesis and visualization in the profiles attending the event.

In the same way, the tool consists of a communication hashtag where people are invited to interact in networks with the experience and share content using it, thus getting the project and its learning to reach more people.


Obtain a real-time infographic with data of interest through the data provided by each person individually mapped from which to train through data and obtain a collective knowledge on gender, equity and development of those attending the White Night . Raise awareness about the importance of data management by citizens, open information and the importance of analyzing data with perspective.

Internal objectives:

Flexibility and scalability. That each installation can be reused in other contexts (events, workshops ...) and at other scales (micro, macro ...)

Interaction. Learn and contribute by playing.

Environmental impact. That the installation generates the least possible residue, as well as that its materials are little polluting and can be reused in future installations. That people can map themselves digitally?

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IAM 2.jpeg
IAM 3.jpeg
IAM 4.jpeg