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Contrainer with an R

From Public Play Space Community


Municipality of Breda

Breda, 2018 - ongoing

The municipality of Breda has installed the so-called Sportcontrainer on the large lawn on the Epelenberg in the Brabantpark district. Contrainer with an r is intended as a successful pun.

The municipality has first installed these in the neighborhoods as a test. You can climb in it and do all kinds of exercises. In addition, there are items in the container such as weights, ropes, elastics and balls. Via an email, you can request to use the items to exercise. ”That has been going well for three years now. People put things back neatly.”. It is important that everyone can use outdoor sports locations. “You see the initiatives now getting off the ground everywhere. The best part is that everyone from 0 to 100 can participate. And there is plenty to do for both boys and girls. We have been encouraging exercise for years, but now we also have to get rid of the corona kilos.