Collective intelligence in city design

From Public Play Space Community


Helena H. Rong + Juncheng Yang

Cambridge, united states, 2020

Purpose Activation.pngActivation
Purpose Interconnection.pngInterconnection
Purpose Collaberating.pngCollaborating
Purpose Raise awareness.pngRaise Awareness
Purpose Educate.pngEducate
Purpose Visualise needs.pngVisualize Needs
Purpose Simulate impact of decisions.pngSimulate Impact of Decisions
Purpose Decision making.pngDecision Making
Purpose Designing.pngDesigning
Co-Creation Co-analysis.pngCo-Analysis
Co-Creation Co-design.pngCo-Design
Co-Creation Co-implementation.pngCo-Implementation
Co-Creation Co-maintenance.pngCo-Maintenance
Co-Creation Co-monitoring.pngCo-Monitoring
Empty.png Empty.png Empty.png
Outcome Decision making.pngDecision Making
Outcome Knowledge.pngKnowledge
Outcome Assesment.pngAssessment
Outcome Design.pngDesign
Outcome Inclusion.pngInclusion
Outcome Awareness.pngAwareness
Outcome Partnership.pngPartnership
Empty.png Empty.png
Mechanics Alternitive reality.pngAlternative Reality
Mechanics Role play.pngRole Play
Mechanics Rule based play.pngRule Based Play
Mechanics Location based.pngLocation Based
Mechanics Simulations.pngSimulations
Mechanics Mapping.pngMapping
Mechanics Geolocation.pngGeolocation
Mechanics Hypothesis.pngHypothesis
Mechanics Metagame.pngMetagame
Technology & Tools Analoge Tangibles.pngAnaloge Tangibles
Technology & Tools AR VR.pngAR / VR
Technology & Tools Audio Visual.pngAudio Visual
Technology & Tools Data AI.pngData AI
Technology & Tools Data Collection Visualization.pngData Collection/Visualization
Technology & Tools Digital Interface.pngDigital Interface
Technology & Tools Mobile.pngMobile
Empty.png Empty.png
Aesthetics Sensation.pngSensation
Aesthetics Imagination.pngImagination
Aesthetics Assemblage.pngAssemblage
Aesthetics Pysical activity construction.pngPhysical Activity / Construction
Aesthetics Realism.pngRealism
Empty.png Empty.png Empty.png
Scale Metropolitan.png Metropolitan
Scale City.png City
Scale District.png District
Scale Neighbourhood.png Neighbourhood
Scale Street.png Street
Scale Undefined.png Undefined
Empty.png Empty.png Empty.png
Audience Community.png Community
Audience Planning expert.png Planning Expert
Audience Stakeholders.png Audience Stakeholders
Audience Policy Makers.png Policy Makers
Empty.png Empty.png
Empty.png Empty.png Empty.png
Scope Individual.png Individual
Scope Small group.png Metropolitan
Scope Larger group.png Small Group
Scope Crowd.png Crowd
Scope Pre-defined.png Pre-Defined
Empty.png Empty.png Empty.png

CoDAS is a community-level open platform that combines the scale and instantaneous connectivity of the online network with the kinship created through face-to-face interaction. As a real-time geospatial information platform, CoDAS visualizes proposed changes during development, and engages community residents who are willing to voluntarily contribute to community-building and collective decision making. The tool incentivizes Ang Sila residents to participate actively into the development and design processes of the 35 acre site to ensure their own rights to Ang Sila, instead of accepting passively the outcomes of the processes led by external capitals. In the post-occupancy stage, besides keeping track of current usage of existing shared resources,  the platform may connect residents by fostering voluntary groups on various life- or business- related subjects which could help residents generate supplemental income: food tasting, seafood production, marketing, online business, and environmental preservation. With specific interests, these groups along with individuals may compete or collaborate over the use of local resources. These activities are currently organized haphazardly among residents via either word of mouth or across several social media platforms. CoDAS will allow for interconnections and unification of different subject matters within the community by providing a holistic view of the community.  In that sense, the platform facilitates a continuous conversation between different stakeholder groups and individuals on various subject matters, hence enabling collective decision-making, collaboration, and supervision.

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