Col·lectiu Superilla Poblenou

From Public Play Space Community

Barcelona, 2018-today

Col Lectiu Superilla” is an association of citizens organising activities to support the pedestrianization of the public space of Barcelona’s Superblock, organising activities and events to inhabit this novel public space, and transform it into a space.

The Superblock of Poblenou district is the pilot project of the most radical urban transformation of the City of Barcelona. The project proposes to increase the public space of the city creating a pedestrianized area of 3x3 blocks.

The “col lectiu Superilla” is an association of citizens founded to support this radicall transformation, and organizes activities to leverage the potential of the local community as creator of places. The new public space, gained from the pedestrianised streets, is inhabited and re-signified by a series of actions and public gatherings.

Over 3 years of life, the Colectiu Superilla Organised hundreds of events. Among them, important activities to discuss the future configuration of the public space, based on the real transformation of the space through temporal activities and removable items

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