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Open Monument Days Breda, Lidwien Hupkens (Stroom), Annelies Diks-Krijgsman (Zoolies),
Game development: Novitas Heritage: Marc van Hasselt, Joerie van Sister, Carel Ketelaars

BREDA, 2020 - ongoing

For “Monumenten dag” (Monument day) there is one thing brand new thing in Breda, and that is the Breda City Game. The organization of Open Monument Days Breda has developed a kind of escape room through Breda to introduce visitors to the city in a unique way. The Breda City Game has been launched in September 2020. The game bears the mysterious name 'Credo, the hidden path of Breda.' Organizer and illustrator Annelies Diks talks about it with great enthusiasm. "We have really developed an outing with the City Game. It is an online game that you start at home, and where you are taken as the protagonist in a mysterious story. By solving puzzles and riddles and constantly going to different places in Breda , you discover the city in a unique way." The City Game has been specially developed for groups. "We really hope that families and groups of friends will take it on the road. You can also play the game alone, but of course you always see more and the riddles are faster to solve!" The development of the City Game is unique in the Netherlands. "We actually chose this for two reasons," explains Diks. "First of all, we want to ensure that people can discover the corona-proof monuments. That is certainly the case with this game that can be played at any time. And at the same time we also want to increase our reach. The game can also be played completely online, so everywhere.

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