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AudiovisualArchive and EmotionalMap

From Public Play Space Community


Els Fumats

Barcelona, 2018-today

The audiovisual archive and the emotional map collect and geolocate memories and experiences shared by the citizens of the Poblenou district in Barcelona. The project aims at reinforcing the local community structuring a placemaking process of signification of the public space,  strengthening ties between space and community.


The Audiovisual Archive and the Emotional Map collect information to raise awareness about a process that is gradually continuing to change the neighborhood, strengthening its social fabric, fighting to preserve the identity of the community

This miscommunication between two groups of local people and their administration triggered the idea of the habla app: what if people could leave their different opinions on public space? what if they could express how they feel in specific areas or about certain urban objects? what if they could see what their neighbours think about their area?

With the simple and entertaining use of the app users produce very dynamic data which is published on an online platform. The data out consists of participant data (the data that the user types on login), pixel map (emotional heatmap) and comments map (in 3 different formats- text map, comments’ locations and text within selected radius). Since all the generated data is very dynamic and the output is highly dependent on time the platform gives an option to overlay it with other dynamic datasets such as time, events, weather or activities on site.

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Mapa emocional poblenou.jpg

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